Trevor Lawrence On “Going Through Adversity”

Trevor Lawrence had been absolutely stellar – going 29-0 – before his first loss in the 2019 title game. In that game, Lawrence looked sub par at best. He completed 18 of 37 passes with no touchdowns and had a fumble in the final quarter against LSU.

The silver lining of this is that Trevor Lawrence has some experience facing adversity at Clemson.

“Going through adversity, I hadn’t gone through much,” he told the Associated Press of his time with the Tigers. “It definitely gives you some perspective, appreciate the little things. It makes you want to work even harder to get back there.”.

Lawrence went on to say, “It all starts over, which is a good feeling,” Lawrence said. “Everyone’s already looking at next year so we feel we’re kind of already back in the fight.”.

Ultimately, it’s nearly impossible to have an undefeated regular season in CFB. Now that Lawrence was handed his first loss, he is better equipped to handle a regular season loss, should it happen. This could pay off huge should Clemson have to overcome a regular season mulligan in 2020.

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