Manny Diaz Needs To Get Away From Transfer Portal

Miami is looking to return to the traditional power they once were. Manny Diaz had a rocky first season and has been looking outside of recruiting to rebuild the Hurricanes. Miami needs to get away from the transfer portal if they want to find success.

Miami Recruiting

The transfer portal has been something taking the college football world by storm. Some teams have been mining it for talent as a quick fix for their team. Miami falls into that category.

in the 2019 and 2020 classes, Miami had 11 transfers come in. Some have been a valuable asset like K.J. Osborn while others like Tate Martell have floundered. However Miami has to avoid the transfer portal.

Miami is in one of the best recruiting hotbeds in the entire country. Florida had four players rated as a five star in the 2020 class according to 247 Sports. It also produced 15 players in the top 100 overall. Miami only landed two of those 15 players. Being in the heart of a state that put out 39 players rated in the top 250 is a benefit that few teams have.

Miami will never be able to lock up their state. It is too hot a recruiting spot to keep the other elite teams out. However they do need to lock up Miami. The Hurricanes only landed one of the top five players that played in Miami. (All five were top 250 players)

Transfer Portal

As the last two seasons have confirmed, taking on transfers isn’t the answer. Miami struggled and their big name transfer never really saw the field. The Florida Gators also took on seven transfers in the same amount of time. However they took on three players that were a five star and one player was a kicker.

It may seem unfair to compare the two teams. Miami struggled in the ACC and have a new coach trying to turn the program around. But on the other side is a team in a tougher division, with a new coach and dominating the state of Florida in recruiting.

The transfer portal has become a safety blanket that hasn’t worked quite as well as we all thought. For every Justin Fields, there is a Tate Martell or Austin Kendall at West Virginia.

Now Miami has brought in D’Eriq King. King was a stud in 2019 and put up 50 touchdowns as he led a high flying Houston offense. He looks like he can give the Miami offense the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. However leaning on the transfer portal is the a false security. King was electric in 2018 but he redshirted himself in 2019 after a horrid start with Dana Holgorsen. As exciting as he looked at one time, Manny Diaz is rolling the dice on a G5 QB that was very good two years ago.

The Miami Hurricanes are a blue blood with an elite recruiting hotbed all around them. They shouldn’t be building their team with everyone else’s castoffs or disgruntled players. Recruiting will be what gets Miami back and they need to get back to their roots.

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