Why Cee Dee Lamb Is The Best WR In The 2020 Draft

Jerry Jeudy and Cee Dee Lamb are undoubtedly the best WR’s heading into the 2020 NFL Draft. Both receivers had back to back 1,100+ yard seasons with 10+ TDs and played for some of the best offenses in the league. Both players have their strengths but it looks like Cee Dee Lamb has the edge.


The basic stats for these two WRs are almost a perfect mirror. Both WRs peaked at around 1,300 yards and 14TDs, it was just in different years. In their other year, both WRs had about 1,100 yards and 10TDs. In other words, Lamb’s 2019 stats were strikingly similar to Jeudy’s 2018 stats and vice versa.


Cee Dee Lamb651,15811
Jerry Jeudy681,31514


Cee Dee Lamb 621,32714
Jerry Jeudy 771,16310

So there is no way to decisively say which WR is better looking at the basic statistics in the past two years. Sure we could look to their freshman year (where Cee Dee Lamb outperformed Jeudy) but neither of them were consistent starters and both were true freshman so those stats don’t hold much weight.


When you looks at how these guys plays there begins to be some separation. Cee Dee is absolute dynamite once he gets the ball. Check out the highlights at 1:36, 2:05, and 6:44 in the following video and you’ll see what I mean (watch the rest of the video for some wild grabs and a sick block).

Combine that with the fact that in 2019, Lamb averaged 21.4 yards per reception while Juedy averaged 15.1, and it becomes pretty clear Lamb has the edge on being a playmaker.

On the other hand, Jerry Jeudy’s route running is unparalleled in this draft. Jeudy’s footwork and speed off the line is absolutely ridiculous. Pick just about any highlight in the following video and see for yourself.

Cee Dee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy?

It’s obvious both guys are studs but if I had to choose one, I’m taking Lamb. I think his play making abilities outweigh Jeudy’s footwork. With that said both guys are going to have very successful NFL careers and will be a blast to watch. Who would you rather have, an elite route runner or a playmaker? Let me know on our website, Facebook or Twitter.

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