Mark Dantonio Is A Clown

New details on Blackwell’s claims against Dantonio and MSU have come to light, proving Dantonio is an absolute clown and MSU has some dirty laundry.

The Alleged Cover Up

It all started toward the end of 2018 when Dantonio and MSU tried to pin the cover up of an alleged sexual assault case involving MSU athletes, on former assistant coach Curtis Blackwell. Blackwell responded by filing suit (in November 2018) against Dantonio and a numebr of people at MSU per the Lansing State Journal’s Matt Mencarini:

“The lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in Grand Rapids alleges that the defendants ‘feeling the heat from the Larry Nassar cover-up, and eager to prove they were tough on cover-ups, ran roughshod over (Blackwell’s) rights when he was wrongly accused of covering up for MSU athletes involved in an alleged sexual assault of a female co-ed in January 2017.

“With no evidence, none, that (Blackwell) covered up for the athletes, the MSU Police Department, in stormtrooper fashion cuffed (Blackwell); seized his personal and MSU cell phones and hauled him off to the MSU Police station.'”

The Recruiting Violations

In addition to this, Blackwell (vaguely) suggested Dantonio had committed NCAA recruiting violations.

Of course Dantonio testified that these claims were false. Jokes on him because a former recruits mother just sold him out. La Keshia Neal, the mother of Notre Dame defensive lineman Daelin Hayes, provided a sworn affidavit disputing Dantonio. The affidavit stated Blackwell was part of a group from Michigan State that came to her home in December 2015. Which, for those of you that don’t know, is a recruiting violation. She also provided photographic evidence..

Mark Dantonio and MSU Aren’t Looking Good..

Dantonio is an absolute clown for allowing this; its common knowledge among coaches that a staffer can’t do in home visits. It’s comical..

This goes beyond the recruiting incident though. Sure the recruiting incident is a minor violation, but it absolutely destroys Dantonio and MSU’s credibility in the ongoing alleged cover up case. Dantoio freaking TESTIFIED this was false and this lady has photographic evidence to proving he’s wrong. How can anyone believe him moving forward?

It’s only a matter of time until more dirty laundry gets aired. Good luck Mel Tucker..

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