Is Miami Finally Back?

Manny Diaz had a disappointing first season running Miami in 2019. High hopes, a strong defense and a high profile QB transfer were going to change it all. With all the changes, it all stayed the same.

Return of the U

Almost everyone wants Miami to be good again. When a blue blood is great it makes college football more enjoyable. So every offseason we hear questions about Texas, Miami, Michigan and Notre Dame breaking through. No matter how much we want it o happen, it never really does. This time is different. Miami will be back in 2020… well, sort of.

Manny Diaz is one of the better defensive coaches in the country. Miami still had a top 25 scoring defense and they play in the terribly weak ACC. Now Miami gets to add an explosive QB into the mix who is more proven. D’Eriq King had 50 touchdowns and put his athleticism on full display in 2018. Dana Holgorsen did his best to destroy Houston in one season and King took a redshirt in 2019.

Now King is at Miami and should have plenty of talent around him to get back to 2018 numbers. Miami has pulled in a top 25 class in all but one year the last four years and that class finished 27th. There is plenty of skill players and talent for Miami to make a return in 2020. The schedule is also very favorable.

Miami Running Through The ACC

Miami starts the year with two G5 teams and a FCS team. Then they have the dumpster fire that is Michigan State with a new coach, Pitt, and Wake Forest. They should be able to start the year 6-0. The second half gets a bit tougher with UNC, Virginia, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Duke. Even if you split those games, thats a nine win season for Miami.

Now it is easy to sit here and say Miami is better on paper than most of the teams they face in 2020. However they also lost to FIU, LA Tech and Duke last season.

They have recruited better than just about everyone in the ACC outside of Clemson. They have one of the better defensive minds and now an explosive player leading their offense. This all pairs well with a weak ACC and a favorable schedule.

The Canes will look like they are “back” in 2020 and will probably end up with a 10 win season. With that said, they’ll need to do much more (consistently beat up FSU and Florida, beat Clemson, break the national top 10.. etc) before I can confidently say they’re back to their blue blood level of success.

Either way, 2020 will definitely be a step in the right direction for the U.

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