More QB Shuffling Raises Concerns For West Virginia

Trey Lowe has announced he has entered the transfer portal.

With Lowe moving on, it leaves two guys vying for the starting job come Spring. While Lowe likely wasn’t going to start, it raises some questions about the long term.

WVU QB Battle

All eyes will be on the QB battle during Spring practice. Austin Kendall started most of the season and had his fair share of struggles. Doege played in four games and seemed to get a better response from the offense. They were also on the verge of upsetting Oklahoma State if not for getting robbed twice of a touchdown.

Doege is the likely starter and he was able to redshirt last season. Doege having two years left is great for West Virginia as he is the clear choice at West Virginia. Despite having less time, he put up solid numbers compared to Kendall.

TD’s / INT’sRecordPoints
Kendall12 / 103-620.2564th
Doege7 / 32-11949th

(Kendall gets a loss as a starter but left the Iowa State game early in the first.)

Doege averaged one less point per game against better defenses. He also had almost as many wins in a third of the games. While neither has impressive numbers, one gives you a legitmate chance to win.

Last season when things went bad for Kendall they really went off the rails. The disappearing act against Missouri or the four interceptions against Texas come to mind.

Now with another year in the system and a full season to start, Doege should be able to build off a strong 2019 finish. Neal Brown has shown the ability to be competitive in his first year despite working with a rebuild. Fixing the running game and getting more out of his offense has to be priority number one. The Mountaineer defense was actually really impressive last season and a major reason they hung around or won most games.

West Virginia shoud at least get bowl eligible in 2020, but the long term QB answer is up in the air.

Trey Lowe and QB Questions

Trey Lowe was thought to be the answer once Doege’s time came to an end. The talented dual-threat never found much playing time while backing up the likes of Will Grier and Austin Kendall/Jack Allison/Jarret Doege.

Now that Lowe is moving on, the focus shifts over to Garrett Greene. Greene committed in the class of 2020. The three star QB doesn’t rank quite as high as Lowe did but has tested out with more athleticism. Both his 20-yard shuttle and 40 time were better than Lowe.

Going back to his days at Troy, Brown has typically went after mobile quarterbacks. Greene is no different and the positive spin on this is Greene was Neal Brown’s guy. Trey Lowe was a holdover from the prior coaching staff and despite his physical skills, may not have fit with Neal Brown’s system.

Either way, questions will still remain around the future of West Virginia and the QB position. Greene has some time to learn and redshirt while Doege plays out his last two seasons. But at the end of the day this may not even matter. Neal Brown has had three quarterbacks transfer in and two transfer out. This is a new age in college football. It has turned into free agency, even more so at the QB position. Another player could transfer in two years and this process would start all over again.

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