Neal Brown Is Closing The Gap

Neal Brown

As 2020 recruiting is wrapping up, it looks like Neal Brown is closing the in conference recruiting gap left behind by Dana Holgorsen.

Neal Brown’s 2020 Improvements

In recent history, WVU has been bottom tier in Big 12 recruiting. Despite Holgorsen leaving a bit of a mess in 2019, Neal Brown has made strides in in only one year.

CoachClassNational RankBig 12 RankAvg. Rating

*Rankings Per 247Sports*

When comparing average rating and Big 12 ranking, Brown’s 2020 Recruiting class is better than the past 3 recruiting classes that Holgorsen had his hands in. The only ranking a recent Holgorsen class beat Brown’s 2020 class in was the 2018 national rank. Even so, Holgorsen’s class was only ranked 1 place above Brown’s.

While Neal Brown’s 2020 class is not a top tier class, it is clear significant improvements have been made. Brown nailing a top 4 class (in conference) during his first full year as HC is a legitimate feat. Especially when teams like OU, Baylor, Texas, and OSU, are your competition.

Not to mention, Brown earned this top 4 class with a 3-6 in conference record. To say Neal Brown is fighting an uphill battle is an understatement. Regardless, Brown is closing that gap.

Success On The Fields

Will the jump in recruiting translate to success on the field? It’s tough to say. Some teams – cough* Texas cough* – nail a top 10 class in the nation and significantly under perform. On the other hand you have teams like OU that truly out perform teams with much better classes.

No matter how you cut it, recruiting is obviously not the only factor in how your team performs. With that said I feel WVU’s recruiting success will be a legitimate factor in tallying a couple more wins in 2020. The Mountaineers were weak particularly at the offensive line and WR positions. Brown brought in 4 WRs (1 transfer) and 5 offensive lineman.

The Mountaineers won’t jump to the top of the Big 12 immediately but assuming the 2020 class isn’t a fluke, Neal Brown has them on the right track to be a legitimate competitor in the Big 12.

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