Tennesse Shouldn’t Bother With Zach Evans

Zach Evans

Zach Evans recruitment is still up in the air. With that said it’s in the Vols best interest he doesn’t choose them.

Yes, Evans is the no. 2 RB in his class and no. 1 recruit in Texas but he comes with some baggage. The recruit had a handful of off the field issues. At one point, Evans was sent home from his high school’s state championship football game over a cell phone..

In addition to that Evans has had a very odd recruiting process. EVans committed and signed with Georgia without any official announcements, and then doubled back and was released (allegedly per his request) by Georgia.

This baggage is too much for the Vols right now. I’m sure he’s a great kid but at this point I think he’s unsure and immature (which is fine he’s a kid). He needs time to get adjusted and that adjustment period will come with some growing pains. These growing pains will almost undoubtedly end in a transfer. This could leave the Vols in a tough spot if Evans’ presence pushes away 2021 RB recruits. The addition of Zach Evans will only poke holes in the team fabric that Pruitt has been working so hard to develop.

We all want this kid to succeed but Vols fans won’t necessarily want him going through his growing pains amidst Pruitt’s rebuild and Tennessee’s comeback. I hope I’m wrong but, right now, Evans is not the answer for the Vols.

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