Mike Norvell Falling Behind Rivals

Mike Norvell was one of the better hires this offseason. However, he has quite a mess to clean up after Taggart basically ran the program into the ground. Unfortunately for him, Norvell is fighting an up hill battle against Miami and Florida.

The Mike Norvell Rebuild

It is going to take some serious work to get Florida State back to the promise land. Taggart went a whopping 9-12 during his short tenure at Florida State and did his best to tarnish the name. Mike Norvell has to fix it and doesn’t have a ton of time. Seeing a coach get fired after two years is becoming more common and Florida State is a blue blood. Things will have to get figured out rather quick to keep the boosters and fans happy.

The rebuild is all about recruiting and Norvell has his work cut out for him. When comparing the recruiting classes of the top three programs in the state of Florida, FSU is falling behind.

Florida has the 8th ranked class in 2020 and Miami has the 17th according to 247 Sports. FSU comes in at 20th. The 2021 class has an even bigger gap. Florida is ranked 4th and Miami is 9th. FSU is sitting at 30th.

Norvell deserves some time to right the ship and it is still the end of the 2020 class. But if Florida State wants to find a way back to winning, they need to get more competitive with in-state recruits.

Dan Mullen is building the Gators into a national power and Manny Diaz had a head start on Norvell. Factor in the hole Taggart left and things will continue to be difficult for Florida State.

The ACC is wide open outside of Clemson. We have seen schools like Syracuse, Virginia and Wake Forest take advantage of a weak conference in the past few seasons. Norvell needs to capitalize because the ACC is slowly working their way back into being a better conference. If Florida State doesn’t get things moving quickly, the hole could become a lot deeper.

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