Kirby Smart Can Beat Nick Saban In 2020

We won’t have to wait long to see Alabama and Georgia square off in 2020. Georgia heads to Bryant-Denny Stadium on September 19th in what will undoubtedly be the game of the week. This game has massive implications for Kirby Smart and Georgia. Aside from being a potentially crucial playoff win or loss, Georgia needs this win to get to the next level. For too long Georgia and Smart have seen success but taken a back seat to Bama and Saban. In this 2020 match up, Smart can – and needs to – beat Nick Saban.

No excuses

First off, Georgia has been owning the recruiting game. SEC recruiting is essentially an arms race at this point. Both Georgia and Alabama have been fixed at the top of the recruit rankings for awhile, but it looks like Georgia has started to pull away.

Recruiting Rank
(Via 247 Sports)
Top 100
Five Star
Average Player

Alabama has more commits and Georgia has better players on average. At the end of the day, there is very little that seperates the two. However, this is the second time in the last three years that Georgia has out recruited Alabama.

Secondly, Georgia will have a more experienced QB than Bama. The QB position is arguably the only position that in game experience has the potential to be more important than talent (to a certain degree).

Alabama has to choose between Mac Jones and Bryce Young. Mac Jones has shown potential and been with the team, but hasn’t started a whole season. Bryce Young is the number 1 QB in the 2020 class, but I never bet on a true freshman QB to be a difference maker in big games. On the other hand, Georgia gains an experienced transfer QB in Jamie Newman. Jamie Newman comes from Wake Forest and is already a “way too early” Heisman favorite. In 2019, Newman completed 61% of his passes for 2,868 yards and ran for just under 600 with 26 and 6 TDs respectively. With better talent around him, Newman will likely have a big year. I think he will be a huge factor in not only this game but Georgia’s whole season.

Lastly, Smart is coming up on his 5th season with the dawgs. This is plenty of time to cycle in your own recruits, integrate your system, and surround yourself with the proper staff. This is perfect timing for Smart.

Wrap Up

Georgia needs this win and they have the edge. They consistently have top level talent but can’t get over the hump. If they fail to show up in another big game, Kriby’s legacy will continue to mirror Mark Richt’s.

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The time is now for Georgia and Smart to beat Nick Saban and take the next step.

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