Lincoln Riley Is Building A Recruiting Machine

Lincoln Riley is building a recruiting machine

With the newest addition to Riley’s staff, it looks like Riley is attempting to build a recruiting machine.

Jamar Cain

Cain was Arizona State’ DL coach for 1 year before coming to the Sooners. During his one-year stint with the Sun Devils, Jamar Cain was reportedly one of the top two recruiter in the PAC-12 this year and considered a rising defensive mind. Before that, Cain spent two seasons on Jeff Tedford’s coaching staff at Fresno State, where he served as the defensive line coach.

Riley’s Machine

When you look at Riley’s most recent hires, Murray and Cain there’s two things that stand out. First off, they’re relatively young. Secondly, despite being relatively inexperienced they’ve been praised for their recruiting prowess. These things may go hand in hand as young coaches are better able to relate and communicate with players. Therefore, it looks like Riley’s really making recruiting a top priority.

This makes sense considering some fans believe a big part of OU’s Peach Bowl blunder was the talent deficit between OU and LSU.

When you look at his entire staff it becomes even more apparent. The age of Riley’s staff is relatively young and contains a couple NFL names to draw kids in.

I’m all for this approach. The idea that OU lost the peach bowl simply because of talent is ludicrous, however, recruiting is the foundation of any team and I like what I’m seeing. I even think DeMarco Murray is so good for the job, he’ll move on rather quickly.. hopefully that doesn’t happen.

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If Riley is successful in creating a recruiting powerhouse he can’t stop there. OU needs to be able to develop players and win big games. If he can’t, OU will just turn into the Georgia of the Big 12: a team with elite level talent that can’t get over the hump.

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