Murray Brings Unique Skill Set To Oklahoma

Unless you live under a rock, you know that former Sooner and Dallas Cowboy Demarco Murray is the new RB coach for the Sooners.

DeMarco comes from Arizona where he spent one year as their RB coach.

As most of you know, Murray had a prolific career in college and the NFL. Murray was a 3-time Pro Bowl selection in the NFL, rushed for 3,685 yards during his Oklahoma career (7th all time in OU history), and notched 50 rushing touchdowns (3rd all time in OU history).

Due to his lack of experience, one might be skeptical about this hire. Fear not. While it may be too early to tell if Murray has the football IQ needed to be a successful coach, he brings a valuable presence to the recruiting game. Having someone on the staff with this much star power is undoubtedly going to attracts some young RBs.

The former Sooner shouldn’t have a problem keeping these guys around either. Murray is only 31 years old. This puts him in a prime spot to communicate and relate with young players. He already recognized this. In the official release, Murray stated, “I think I bring the experience of playing at a high level and being in these kids’ shoes not 20 or 30 years ago, but just 10 years ago.”

Murray has a lot to prove at as a coach, but he shouldn’t have a problem attracting and keeping talented RBs.

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