Cade Mays Is A Power Shift In The SEC

The Cade Mays transfer situation has been an interesting one. Leaving Georgia for Tennessee would be enough of a storyline for a five star linemen. Throw in the fact that his dad lost a finger and this is a first for most everyone.

Now that Cade Mays is headed to Tennessee, it shows a tipping point for parity in the SEC East and what’s to come for the Vols.

The Jeremy Pruitt Rebuild

A few years ago, Butch Jones left the cupboard pretty bare and ran Tennessee into the ground. Just a few years ago, they had one offensive lineman on the roster and things looked pretty bleak. Amazing what a competent coach can do in two years.

After some ugly losses to open 2019, Pruitt looked like he was on his way out and the coaching search team would have to start looking again. That is until they went 7-1 with a bowl win after an ugly start. Tennessee got on the right track and they have momentum going into 2020. That’s where Mays comes in to tip the scales towards parity.

Tennessee now has four linemen with a five star rating and their other starter was a four star. Seeing where they came from just a few years ago shows how truly great this rebuild has been. A few top 20 class to couple with this incredible offensive line unit should have the Vols competing at the top of the SEC East. It comes at a perfect time too.

Shift In Power

The last few seasons it has been Georgia and then everyone else in the SEC East. Now the grip is starting to loosen as the talent level is rising. Georgia loses Fromm, Andrew Thomas and Swift to the draft while Mays is off to Tennessee. With major pieces gone, Georgia has plenty of questions to answer on their own end. That isn’t even the worst of their issues.

Florida has been getting really talented in a hurry under Mullen. The Gators have been making a major push towards building a playoff team the last two seasons. 2020 could be the year they put it all together.

As previously mentioned, Tennessee also ended the year trending in the right direction. Looking ahead, 2020 will be a tough year as they play Oklahoma but Pruitt has them trending up.

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