Oklahoma May Be Next “Fair Pay to Play” State

In 2019 California became the first state to allow student-athletes to benefit from the their name, image and likeness. In 2020, It looks like state Reps Mickey Dollens and Monroe Nichols are trying to make Oklahoma the next State to allow student athletes to get paid.

This “Fair Pay to Play” bill was introduced by Oklahoma State Reps. last year. It finally looks like things are finally being set in motion.

The bill, would basically allow college athletes to be paid the same way Olympic athletes are. Olympians are allowed to secure endorsement deals, get paid for signing autographs, and be compensated for their name and image. This is very similar to California’s “Fair Pay to Play Act”.

“The Olympic model would allow the NCAA to keep up the spirit of amateurism,” said Dollens who participated as both a Division 1 football player and as a member of the U.S. bobsled team. “It would also allow college student-athletes an opportunity to get paid at no additional cost to the school.”

This is a fair model and well over due. State Rep. Monroe Nichols, a former Division 1 football player explains it perfectly.

“There may have been a time that a scholarship was adequate compensation for the revenue a student-athlete brings an institution,” Nichols said. “That time has passed. College athletics is a multi-billion dollar industry built on the work and sacrifice of student-athletes. If we in Oklahoma believe collegiate athletes have the right to participate in the free market, then we need to pass a bill in the legislature that embodies the Olympic model.”

With all of that said, there’s no guarantee this bill gets passed in Oklahoma. Follow along with our website, Facebook, and Twitter as we keep you updated on Oklahoma’s “Pay to Play” status.

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