Jalen Hurts Was Exactly What Oklahoma Needed

It’s been 1 year to the day since Jalen Hurts announced his transfer to Oklahoma. Since then, Hurts’ ride at Oklahoma has been a wild one to say the least.

Hurts broke numerous records, led the Sooners to the greatest comeback in school history, and made it into the CFP. On the other hand, Hurts also got labeled as a rushing QB who couldn’t throw, gave up some crucial turnovers, and ended up getting completely shut down in the playoffs (along with the rest of the team).

An Incredible Leader

Coming into 2019 the Sooners had two extremely young QBs, an inexperienced offensive line, and a brand new defense. Most considered 2019 a rebuild year, however, Hurts provided the leadership and stability needed to make 2019 more competitive. The team went from a potential rebuild to CFP contender thanks to Hurts. Sure his shortcomings put OU in some sticky situations, but his leadership and drive helped get them the biggest comeback in school history and a spot in the playoffs.

His impact reaches far beyond his 1 year with the Sooners. Hurts’ presence will be felt for years to come. His robotic drive to better himself and his team gave the young guys something to model their own behavior after. He laid the foundation for a hard working, winning culture that doesn’t make excuses. We are already seeing that in players like Jaden Haselwood, who wasted no time getting to work this off season.

Most importantly, Hurts allowed Oklahoma’s future QBs to have more time in the system and gain experience. This was particularly important for QB Spencer Rattler. Rattler may have more talent than Hurts but sitting out a year was imperative to his development. If OU had thrown Rattler in too early, they ran the risk of hurting his confidence or his body, stunting his development into the star we know he can be.

Regardless of his shortcomings and how OU’s season ended, Oklahoma should be grateful for Hurts.

Was Jalen the next Baker or Kyler that some of us thought he would be? Absolutely not, but that’s okay. Jalen was Jalen and he was exactly what we needed. Thank you Jalen Hurts.

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