The Future Of Trevor Lawrence

No matter what happens in the 2019 CFP championship the future of Trevor Lawrence is bright. Lawrence is undoubtedly one of, if not the, best QBs in the league this year. Yes his stats are impressive but his mental fortitude, leadership, and “it” factor are what make this kid so special. NFL Teams are already planning their 2021 draft draft around him. Therefore, it begs the question, how is Trevor Lawrence going to handle the next couple years? Will he stay at Clemson, or try to preserve himself for the NFL? Fortunately for Clemson fans it appears to be the latter.

Lawrence Sounds Off

Earlier this week USA TODAY asked Lawrence if he plans on leaving Clemson after this years national title game.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” Lawrence responded. He went on to say, “I think I just love Clemson. I love college football and whether it’s one more year or two more years, whatever it may be, I just love it here. I love doing what I’ve done. I think it’s a unique experience being able to go to school and grow and become a man and get to do it with some of your best friends.”

“No matter how much money you’re offered?” USA TODAY Sports asked.

“I mean, if I’m meant to play in the NFL one day, it’ll work out, so I’m not worried about making money now or whatever it may be,” Lawrence replied. “I just want to enjoy where I’m at and make the most of this time.”

Based on his response to USA TODAY on the massive insurance policy he took out on himself last year, I doubt Lawrence would bail next year. It looks like Lawrence is here to stay, for now at least. Great news for Clemson fans although I do not anticipate him sticking around for his senior season.

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