Clemson Will Ruin Joe Burrow’s Cinderella Story

LAwrence and Clemson will end Joe Burrow's Cinderella Story

LSU has been considered the team of the year as they exploded onto the scene. Led by their recent Heisman winner, they have a lot of momentum after blowing the doors off of Oklahoma. They have everything you want to root for – a coach everyone loves, a QB with a great story, and a an entertaining offense. Their opposition is everything people love to hate. A dynasty, a coach with an exhausting schtick and a QB that has never lost a game in college. The LSU story has been a great ride but Clemson is here to ruin it.

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow has been a story that everyone has to love. A kid from Ohio that went to Ohio State and never got a chance. After transferring to LSU he had a slow start and eventually went on to one of the best seasons by a QB ever.

He is a great kid and he is easy to root for. But he also had the benefit of playing pretty weak defenses this season to help make the stats really pop. Don’t get me wrong, Joe Burrow is special and he has earned the acolades that he earned this season. However playing in the SEC isn’t what it use to be.

Off the top of your head, how many top 25 passing defenses would you think LSU played this season?


Alabama finished the year with a passing defense that ranks 11th. Burrow lit Alabama up and was one of many “Heisman Moments” for Joe Burrow. But that is really about it for LSU and Joe Burrow. Clemson comes in with the top rated pass defense and has only allowed nine passing touchdowns this season. Weak schedule or not, this is the best defense in the country.


Trevor Lawrence is perfect at this point in his college career and Dabo has created the next dynasty. This team is loaded with athletic freaks from top to bottom on both sides of the ball.

The offense started the year rough but haven’t looked back after finding their footing. The also went and beat what I would consider the best team in the country in Ohio State. The defense held a top five offense to just 23 points and fought their way back for a huge win. That would be quite the experience builder if they hadn’t been beating the best teams in the country over the last half decade. Both this season and the last few years Clemson is a proven commoditiy, LSU is just the new kid on the block.

Clemson’s Here To Crash The LSU Party

Clemson has the better defense, they have the experience, they have an elite offense and they have the best player in college football. The LSU defense can also slow down great offenses. Just don’t look to Oklahoma as the smoking gun for stopping an elite defense.

Oklahoma averaged 30.8 points per game over their last five games. That would put them as tied for 49th in the country in scoring offense. Lincoln Riley is the best offensive mind in football but even he couldn’t get the offense clicking for large stretches this season. The days of Baker and Kyler have passed.

LSU has a good- not great defense that is being a bit inflated by playing bad teams. Georgia and Auburn were lethargic on offense all season and a hobbled Tua gashed LSU for 41. Combine that with three G5/FCS schools and you can see some inflated numbers.

Joe Burrow has been a great story and Coach O is someone you love to see succeed. Unfortunately the dream season is about to end, in their home town no less. Clemson – LSU will be fun, but you don’t get rich betting against Dabo/Lawrence.

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