Dana Holgorsen Hits New Low At Houston

Things have gone from bad to worse for Dana Holgorsen. First there was his star QB shutting his season down after a horrible 1-3 start. Then there was the explitive laden video of him voicing his displeasure of coaching at Houston. Now there is a new low.

The early signing period just wrapped up and Holgorsen finished with the worst recruiting class for Houston in the last half decade. The Houston class is sitting at #83 in the country and #7 in the AAC. This was a job he took because he claimed you couldn’t recruit at a high level or win a conference championship at West Virginia.

Holgorsen is currently sitting at ninth on the coacheshotseat.com and is making about four million dollars a year. He is paid like a top 30 coach and was brought in to take Houston to the next level. Holgorsen was one of the few coaches that willingly left the P5 to join a G5 team. However this has backfired and he has burned Houston to the ground.

The Neal Brown Difference

While the old West Virginia coach is on his way to ruining Houston, Neal Brown is working quicker than expected. West Virginia was written off and were expected to win 3-4 games in 2019. Brown took a little while to get his team going but they hung tight with Texas and pulled off some impressive wins. 5-7 exceeded expectations and looks to be propelling West Virginia in recruiting.

Neal Brown currently has the #38 class according to 247Sports and the average recruit ranking is at .863. That is the second best class West Virginia has had in the last five years. But even better is the average rating which is .001 away from tying the best class West Virginia has ever had.

Neal Brown was given a depleted team, heard from the last coach that you can’t win at a high level at West Virginia and is paid about a million dollars less a year. Brown responded by putting together an impressive year and building what may end up being the best recruiting class at West Virginia since 2001. Another point that West Virginia made the right choice.

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