How To Deal With No More “SEC On CBS”


Sports have been big business for years and TV money has played a big role for the longest time. All the networks pick their battles as to what particular events they want to carry. The end of SEC on CBS, is just another example of this.

The End of an Era: SEC On CBS

The SEC on CBS Game of the Week has been a staple on Saturday afternoons since 1996, but the era will come to an end after the 2023 season.

Will this take some getting used to? Absolutely.

The program’s theme music is iconic. Many are already paying tribute to it even though it will still be around for four more seasons.

Transition is just part of it, viewers had to adjust to Brad Nessler stepping in to replace the legendary Verne Lundquist when he retired in 2016.

As much as Verne Lundquist is missed, many can’t wait until they can tune in and hear someone other than color analyst Gary Danielson on the mic.

Kentucky Memories

As a Kentucky fan – I must reminisce on their time with CBS. If you’re not a Kentucky fan take some time to reminisce about your teams accomplishments with CBS.

Back in 2007, Kentucky had one of their greatest moments and biggest wins on the SEC on CBS when they knocked off the eventual national champion LSU Tigers.

If they keep doing what they’re doing, Kentucky has put themselves in position to have some more good moments before the SEC on CBS is gone in 2023.

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