Michigan LB Thinks They’re More Talented Than Ohio State


In a recent interview with the Wolverine Wire, Michigan LB Khaleke Hudson, described how he thinks Michigan has more talent that Ohio State.

“I feel like our talent is better,” Michigan senior linebacker Khaleke Hudson told Wolverines Wire. He goes on to say, “I’m not sure what they got at their facility, but I know we got one of the best facilities in the world”.

If Michigan’s roster is loaded with talent then is it Harbaugh’s fault he can’t put everything together? Well, not according to Hudson. Hudson also said. “And we’ve got one of the best coaches in the world. We got the best teammates in the world”.

I respect the hell out of this kid for sticking with his program, but I can’t say I agree. Michigan has made strides this year and has a legitimate roster but Ohio State is just on another level. Since 2012, Ohio State has had 53 players selected in the draft to Michigan’s 32. On top of that Ohio State has also consistently higher-ranked classes than Michigan in the last eight years (Per 247sports composite rankings). I also think Harbaugh struggles to put everything together in big games. With that said – he’s no where near as bad as someone like Tom Herman.

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