Clemson Dominated The Early Signing Period

If you’re not a Clemson fan then you can take the next few years off from college football. Dabo pulled in another incredible recruiting class and the Clemson early signing period puts just about every other SEC school to shame. Clemson has dominated the early signing period.

Recruiting rankings don’t mean everything and there are a lot of issues with the process. Players have been given boosts for giving information and players get both over and under evaluated. You can’t truly judge a class until they have been through and you can look at their body of work. With that said, here are a few stats for the 2020 Clemson class from 247Sports:

  • six players with a five star rating
  • as many five star players as Ohio State, Georgia and LSU combined
  • #1 player in the country overall
  • #1 QB
  • #2 RB
  • 11 players ranked in the top 100
  • 10 players ranked top five at their position

I don’t care how you try to spin that, Clemson is bringing in an insane amount of talent. Paul Finebaum can have Jim from Tuscaloosa call in to rant or write Clemson off all he wants, Clemson isn’t going anywhere.

This is also another class loaded with talent to help keep the dynasty going. It comes as Alabama seems to be slipping and losing a lot of talent headed into next season. Ohio State matches up well and the playoff should be closer than last year against Notre Dame. However, despite the ranking Clemson is still the best team in the country.

The Clemson early signing period could not have gone better and the dynasty is only getting stronger as the years roll on. The only thing stopping the Tigers at his point would be Dabo spending a weekend with Hugh Freeze and Bobby Petrino.

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