Alabama Called Out Over Prescription Drug Use

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Last Friday, Joshua Frazier’s mother, Donna Frazier, wrote a blog alleging Saban and Alabama are putting their player’s health at risk. For those of you who don’t remember, Joshua Frazier played for Alabama from 2014 to 2018.

Frazier’s mother suggests the program takes unnecessary risks “with the bodies and minds of their players”. She alleged the coaching staff coerced her son into taking Vyvanse. Vyvanse is an amphetamine typically used to treat ADHD. Donna believes Vyvanse is “very dangerous” and a “performance-enhancing drug”. While there have been reports of players using it to get an edge, the drug is not banned by the NCAA.Why Frazier was prescribed Vyvanse is still unclear, making this whole thing sketchy.

Joshua Frazier did take to Twitter to express his disapproval of his mother’s blog while simultaneously stating he has issues with Alabama.

This will likely cause someone to speak out from Alabama and comment on the situation. This is still all real murky and missing details. Frazier mentioned he was upset with the situation but wanted to handle it behind closed doors.

As far as Alabama goes, this seems like it was all above board. Whether this was morally the right thing to do or the reason for issues in Frazier’s personal life is a whole other debate.

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