Lane Kiffin To Arkansas Is Becoming A Reality

What a difference a week makes. After denying any interest in the job, Lane Kiffin to Arkansas is becoming a reality. Not only has Lane Kiffin gone back on his comments, he has met with school officials and had an interview for the head coaching job. If that wasn’t enough, Leroy also dropped a scoop.

Kiffin also commented on the job search.

I obviously can’t confirm that Lane Kiffin to Arkansas is a done deal, but it is a done deal. It could be the direction Arkansas needs to go or it could be like a few other stops for Kiffin, a beautiful disaster.

Lane Kiffin to Arkansas

Kiffin would be a major improvement with the ability to bring in talented players and improve the offense. He has a proven history as an OC and running a successful offense. He is also familiar with the SEC West thanks to his time with Alabama.

Kiffin could be the man to return Arkansas to glory and compete quickly in the SEC.

However; if “Joey Freshwater” doesn’t come to town, neither does his baggage. Drama and rumors follow Kiffin at most of his stops. Whether they are true or not, things could get a bit rocky. That shouldn’t be totally unfamiliar to Arkansas fans though. Bobby Petrino is pretty hard to forget..

All in all, Kiffin would be a solid hire. Despite the firing from USC, he had a good record there. He also turned FAU around quickly and has them playing in a conference championship this weekend. The SEC is a different beast but Kiffin is a different coach. At the very least, it should be fun.

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