Oregon’s Upset Cripples The Pac-12

While the Playoff field won’t be set for a few more weeks, it seems the PAC-12 will likely miss the cut once again. The Oregon Ducks posed the best chance at repping their conference in the elusive Playoff. Those chances took a major hit in their week 13 loss to ASU.

ASU Upsets Oregon

Justin Herbert didn’t play to his potential. He didn’t even come alive till late in the fourth quarter. The Ducks were never down by an insurmountable margin, but they trailed most of the game nonetheless. The high-flying Ducks were speared by ASU in the long run, ending Oregon’s undefeated record within the conference.

A lackluster three quarters led to an explosive final quarter of action, resulting in 39 combined points. The Sun Devils pulled out to a 24-7 lead before Oregon clawed back. A couple of unanswered touchdowns cut the margin down to three points, but ASU would strike back. A late answer would pull Oregon within three again, but they wouldn’t touch the ball going forward.

Johnny Johnson III had a career day for the Ducks, hauling in 10 receptions for 207 yards and two scores. Herbert was ultimately beat out by a freshman QB who threw for 408 yards and three scores with only 10 in-completions. Compared to Herbert who threw two picks in the fourth, had two scores and threw for 304 yards with 16 in-completions.

PAC-12 Playoff Implications

With an upset loss to ASU and 2 total losses, Oregon’s playoff hopes are all but dead. I can’t see the committee putting a 2 loss team through.. Even if they did, it would be an SEC team.

After the shortcomings of Washington and Oregon, the PAC-12’s playoff hopes lie with Utah. This means Utah has to not only make it to the PAC-12 championship but also win it to avoid being in the same position as Oregon.

I could definitely see Utah making it to the PAC-12 championship… Unfortunately for them, I also see them losing it to Oregon in true PAC-12 fashion. I’m not the only one.

With yet another year of PAC-12 teams falling from grace, the PAC-12 will continue to be overlooked. This means teams in the future will definitely not get the clout they deserve when being reviewed by the committee.

For now, all the Ducks can do is move on and try winning at least two more games. Regardless it looks like Oregon and the PAC-12 won’t be heading to the playoffs unless Utah pulls off some magic.

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