Is Tennessee’s QB Controversy Really A Controversy?

At the beginning of the Tennessee/Mississippi State game, I heard the commentators talking about how quite a few of the SEC teams have QB issues, especially the two teams being broadcast (Tennessee and Mississippi State). I feel like that couldn’t be further from the truth to be honest. From what I’ve seen from the Vol fans on Twitter, I think they would agree.

Maurer Is The Answer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I strongly believe that Brian Maurer is the starter for this Tennessee squad. Being a freshman with only 2 starts under his belt, he’s obviously not perfect, but he has shown that he is at a good starting point overall with a lot of potential yet to be tapped.

There are still plenty of things that he needs to work out but I think he is taking tremendous strides to become a leader of this offense, and more importantly the team. Yes we’ve seen questionable decisions, but we also see him putting the ball in spots for our receivers to make plays. We have also seem his arm strength an accuracy on the deep ball and man is it pretty. Its unfortunate that he did sustain a head injury last Saturday, but it says a lot about him to pop right back up and keep on fighting.

Guarantano Has His Place

I believe that Guarantano has been given plenty of time to show that he is the starter, time that was not taken advantage of, which brings us to the discussion we are having now. I don’t think that we can discredit JG for the things he has done. His play for this team has not been all bad, and there have been times of hope. But in the end, the bad things outweigh the good, and it is time to start laying the foundation for the future.

Its difficult to stick with a guy that misses wide open receivers that could have ultimately been the difference between a 2-4 and a 4-2 record. I believe that JG should also be commended for locking up the win against MSST after Maurer’s injury. But I don’t think that it was by accident that only had 7 passing attempts in the 2.5 quarters he did play.

Week 8

Obviously we all kind of have an idea of how next week is going to go with a night game at Alabama. Pruitt has confirmed that Maurer does in fact have a concussion, but has also been taking reps at practice so he will be fine. This begs the question, if cleared, do we let Maurer try his hand against the #1 team in the nation? Or do we let him rest this week, so he is ready to lead us through the rest of the season?

The last thing we want to do is rush the young blood back from a concussion, as it will only cause more problems down the road. I know Pruitt will communicate with the training staff and make the right call, and I’m anxious to see what that decision is. Maurer has brought energy and excitement back to this team and will only continue to get better as he gets more play time. As always, Go Vols!

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