Georgia Haunted by Justin Fields

The loss to South Carolina was a possible death blow to any playoff hopes. Georgia is reeling after a tough loss and it was in large part due to their signal caller.

Jake Fromm had three interceptions, one resulting in a touchdown, as they watched their offense sputter. The Gamecocks went into halftime with a 17-10 lead. All of the struggles don’t fall on Fromm but you have to wonder, did they make the right choice?

Fields Taking the Big Ten by Storm

Justin Fields has been a Heisman favorite all season as he dismantles defenses. The dual-threat QB has 26 total touchdowns already on the year to just one interception. Justin Fields has been exactly as advertised.

Fromm on the other hand has been pretty up and down. The best comparison I’ve heard was Fromm is the college Alex Smith. He is calm, poised and can lead your offense. But he also isn’t going to jump off the screen and make these incredible plays.


Looking at the Georgia roster, specifically the receivers, and you can see why those would be good traits to have. Fromm can help command a young receiving room and be the calming veteran presence they need. But seeing what Fields is doing makes you wonder.

Fields has the ability to open up the entire offense. JK Dobbins is having a career year and has stats that rival Jonathan Taylor who is arguably the best running back in the country. Swift is also in the conversation as one of the best in the country but Fields could have totally opened the offense up.

Did Georgia Make a Mistake?

Hindsight is 20/20 when looking at the Justin Fields situation. Fromm took over for Eason and Fields looked like he was the next in line. But Fields decided he wasn’t going to wait and he was off to Ohio State. Did Georgia make a mistake?


Fromm had a tough game and Georgia lost. The season isn’t over and looking back on the situation with Fields, it would be insane to bench Fromm for Fields. With all the hype and praise that Fields had coming in, Fromm had done nothing but win.

Looking at all the success Fields has had this season is also unfair. Ohio State has a veteran team built by one of the greatest coaches in the last decade. It is also worth mentioning he has played a relatively easy schedule.

All of this to point out, Fields is probably now and going to be the better quarterback. While it is still to early to tell, Fields wasn’t one of the highest rated players in 247 Sports history for nothing. But Georgia still has one of the better quarterbacks in the entire country. Fields just moved on and found someone better. Georgia should be just fine, I think.

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