Oklahoma Gearing Up For Playoffs After RRS Win

Although I was a little disappointed in the offense, Oklahoma is one step closer to the playoffs.

Hurts and The Offense

As I came into this RRS I thought this was going to be a walk in the park for Jalen Hurts thanks to Texas’ abysmal secondary. To my surprise, Jalen Hurts actually struggled against the Texas secondary, especially in the red zone.

Hurts’ throwing 16-28 through the game with a red zone fumble and INT is definitely out of character but I’m not super worried about it. While his performance wasn’t as good as we are used to I think it was still up to par with a Lincoln Riley offense. He still totaled over 300 yards with 4 TDs (rushing & passing). He also had that awesome behind the back move that still has me dumbfounded.

As usual, one of the bright spots of the Sooners offense was Cee Dee Lamb. This kid is a huge asset for Oklahoma.

So yeah I was honestly expecting more production out of Hurts and the entire offense but they weren’t bad by any stretch.

Alex Grinch’s Defense

I said earlier this game was going to be a test for Alex Grinch and he passed with flying colors. It’s pretty obvious Texas is a top 10 team because of their offense and I was pleasantly surprised with Oklahoma’s defense. I was happy they rose to the challenge.

OU held Texas to 27 points and just 310 total yard (well below Texas’ season average). While they didn’t get any turn overs, Oklahoma’s defense definitely played better than LSU’s when they played Texas.

It was an absolute blast watching Kenneth Murray and Neville Galimore set the tone on D. Watching guys that big move that fast was amazing, especially when they were pancaking Ehlinger. I was hesitant to totally buy into Grinch because of their schedule but their performance today made me a believer.

The Playoffs

With today’s RRS win, Oklahoma not only knocked down their rivals but put themselves in a good position for the playoffs. While Oklahoma won’t get the “boost” in the polls that LSU got when they beat Texas, Oklahoma still knocked off a top ranked team. On top of that, with their toughest regular season opponent behind them, Oklahoma has a solid chance to go undefeated.

While I am optimistic about the rest of the season this doesn’t mean OU can take their foot off of the gas. They still need to treat every game like a business trip and avoid the “rat poison” that breeds complacency.

Overall I’m feeling good after this win. I think OU’s offense wasn’t as sharp as it should have been but their defense is really turning a corner here. Even if the offense has taken a small step back, this is the most well rounded team we’ve seen in awhile. At the end of the day OU is setting themselves up pretty well for the playoffs if they keep up their “business” mentality.

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