West Virginia Needs to move on from Austin Kendall

West Virginia had the opportunity to shock the country and pull off a major upset over Texas. But Austin Kendall struggled with a four interception day and Texas was able to pull away.

This isn’t the first time this year Austin Kendall has struggled and it won’t be the last. He doesn’t deserve all the blame, West Virginia is in a rebuild. But outside of a blowout against Missouri, West Virginia has been competitive and better than people thought.

But moving forward you have to wonder if Kendall is the answer. West Virginia has a stock pile of cast offs behind Kendall, but maybe one of them could be the answer.

Everyone knew going in that West Virginia wasn’t competing for a Big 12 title this season. However moving forward and building off year one under Neal Brown should be the focus.

They have also been better on defense and the main reason they have been so impressive. WVU only giving up 30+ points once this season coming into today is a great feat. (gave up 30+ six times in 2018) The defense could only do their part for so long. Texas took advantage of the short field and the snow ball started rolling. The defense has played well enough to win but Kendall and the offense haven’t done their part.

Allison or Lowe should get more time and see if they can create a spark. Or at the very least try to avoid turnovers.

The offense has been hot and cold all season and Kendall has had streaky play. Another QB won’t fix all of the issues but it could help build for future success.

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