Petition To Allow WVU To Throw “Horns Down” This Weekend

Horns Down?

We all know that directing Horns Down at a Texas player will earn you a nice little penalty. So why should we excuse WVU this weekend? Well, because they literally have nothing else.

Can they play for a National Championship? No.

Can they play for a big 12 title? No.

Do they have any Heisman hopefuls? No

Can they even cover the spread? probably not.

Texas Vs WVU

The Longhorns head to cousin country this weekend to take on an unranked Mountaineers team lead by new HC Neal Brown. While most WVU fans think Brown is their savior, he’s had a pretty weak start. Since his take over, WVU is 3-1 with one somewhat respectable win against NC state, an amazing 5 point win over… Kansas, and a whopping 7 point margin of victory over… James Madison.

Coming into this game, Texas is favored by 11 points and they will cover with ease.

Ehlinger and the Texas offense will continue to dominate on third down conversions (56.9 percent), moving the ball up and down the field at Milan Puskar Stadium no problem.

As for the defense, even with a few missing players in the secondary being ranked 102nd in total D, I’m not worried. WVU has absolutely no run game and their passing game is barely adequate – Austin Kendall is no Sam Ehlinger after all. Kendall has been okay for the Mountaineers, but he hasn’t been able to stretch the field or hit the big plays that Big 12 fans are used to. Texas is going to force Kendall to put the game on his shoulders and then he will crumble.

For those of you who are going to point to “history” between these teams and tell me WVU has a chance just stop. Sure, West Virginia has bested the Horns 5 out of the last 8 matchups; HOWEVER, 4 of the 8 have been decided by a touchdown or less. Even so, WVU’s is far from those days.

The Mountaineers may think this is a rivalry game but we all know their delusional. We barley recognize them part of the BIG12. Virginia didn’t even want to recognize them as part of their own state.

So let’s let WVU throw the Horns Down simply out of pity.

And by the way John Denver was singing about Western Virginia, losers

Whether you liked this article or hated it, there’s more where that came from. As Saturday Tailgate’s newest Texas focused writer you’ll love to hate me, which is expected. Thinking we’re better than everyone else is a Longhorn tradition. I’ll admit, I was drunk most of my college days so I was a pompous ass even during the Charlie Strong Era. Follow me on Twitter, Horns Up!

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