Could Neal Brown Steal Holgorsen’s QB?

The D’Eriq King news was something we haven’t really seen before. A healthy QB shutting down his season to redshirt for next season. King has also said he would be staying at Houston, I’m just not buying it.

How much better could Houston really get while other teams are clamoring over landing him. While nothing official has been announced, I fully expect King to decide to move on next season. So the question is, could Neal Brown go after King?

Offensive Fit

King was incredibly impressive last season. He finished the year with over 3,600 total yards and 50 touchdowns. 14 rushing touchdowns is proof of his rushing ability and he has been around 62% completion percentage for his career. King could be an offensive force when Holgorsen isn’t ruining him.

It’s also a great fit with Neal Brown and his offense going back to Troy. During his last season at Troy, the top two quarterbacks had 131 carries for 452 yards and four touchdowns. For a reference, Tua had 52 carries last season as a dual-threat QB. Brown also ran the ball 100 more times than pass attempts.

King is a true dual-threat QB and would be a perfect fit into Neal Brown’s offense. Brown took a few weeks to find his identity and get the Mountaineers offense clicking. As he brings in more of his players the offense will start to take shape. King could be the perfect piece to fill the gap to the future.

Current Roster

West Virginia is still trying to figure out if Kendall is the guy. He was benched for a few series against Missouri and has been up and down this season. Things are only more murky below him. Allison couldn’t win the job and Lowe isn’t ready. While there is excitement around Lowe for the future, he is still young and surrounded by questions.

It would be unfair to write Kendall off as he still works with new teammates in a new offense. But with the bulk of the Big 12 still ahead, he doesn’t exactly rid you of some questions or worry. It also isn’t his fault as he doesn’t have a lot of help. He just doesn’t wow me and theres a reason all these transfers passed him over. It’s easy to say that it was two Heisman winners but they were pretty much unknown. Riley deserves a ton of credit for what he did with those two, Kendall just never reached that level.

If King Does Stay

The only way I see King staying is if he wants to move to receiver or running back. Maybe he wants a year to better learn and get back in the motions of a different position. King is only 5’8 and the NFL has issues with guys that are 6’0. NFL QB isn’t exactly written in the stars for King.

But King is a high level athlete and has experience at both return man and receiver. He may have made the choice to switch positions and is giving himself the best chance for success.

Even if King decides to stay, West Virginia will be fine. While I expressed concerns with Kendall, he should only improve under Brown. I’m also a believer that Lowe could be the answer when his time comes. King is just a terrific athlete that could help bridge the gap and speed up the Neal Brown offense.

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