Mike Leach Shares Thoughts On Paying Players

Mike Leach is a bit of an oddball and different than most that share his profession. But he is also both loved and hated for his quirkiness and different takes. His pay for play takes will be no different.

“I do think if everybody’s not given — in other words, if you’re creating a recruiting advantage beyond what already exists, I think it’s gonna be very difficult. I think there will be a huge imbalance and you’ll destroy college football.”

“The state of California has trouble keeping their streets clean right now. So my thought is that they probably ought to focus on that. That’s just one man’s opinion. I’m sure I’m probably wrong. But at the rate that California’s handling their infrastructure and some of their other problems, I think we’ll see how they do with that before I really think it would be that beneficial for the legislature in California to enter into college football.”

It is an unpopular opinion, but I agree with him. I think players should be able to make money off their likeness but don’t agree the schools should just pay them. However, California leading the fight doesn’t seem to be the right approach and I think it would take more than that.

For a state that’s biggest export is Small Pox and homelessness, figure your own stuff out first. This also feels like a who will blink first situation. Does the NCAA call their bluff and we lose California schools? USC and Stanford are fighting their way out of Pac-12 mediocrity and I’m sure we can live without San Diego State.

The NCAA handles these matters about as well as Roger Goodell handles domestic violence. I can see the reason a legislator wants to try and help the kids out as these schools make millions off them and they don’t see a dime. Well, other than a scholarship, free clothes and gear, flights, meals, a stipend, taking fake classes at UNC and the other perks of being a division one athlete, making money off their own name isn’t a crazy idea.

We all know the SEC and other top schools have boosters or someone close to the program paying elite players, why can’t we all just pretend that it doesn’t happen and stay status quo. Not everyone takes advantage of their scholarship or makes the NFL. But paying the players won’t result in every college athlete of every sport making a living and all of their problems going away. The elite players will get the money they likely already get and the rest won’t get what everyone expects. If we can give kids free schooling and they don’t take advantage of it, how is an average salary going to change that.

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