Gators Have A Chance Again

Kentucky had that game all but won last night, but Kyle Trask didn’t let that happen. After a gruesome injury to Franks, Trask had a tall task of bringing the Gators back from a double digit deficit and trying to pull off the win. The comeback is a all you need to see to know the Gators are in good hands.

Franks Injury

The gruesome leg injury that likely ended his season is one of the worst parts of the game. Franks season is likely over from a what looks like a dislocated ankle. As tough as it is for Franks, it looks like it benefits another QB with his own injury history.

Kyle Trask has struggled with injuries in the past few years. Last season Trask was even making a push for the starting job until an injury derailed him and Franks held onto the job. As unfortunate as it is, the Kentucky game is an example of the Gators likely being better off.

Season Outlook

Florida had a hard fought win over Miami but it turns out that Miami isn’t very good. It also looked like Kentucky was going to win convincingly before the Franks injury. Trask helped stamp his name as a starting SEC QB. A double digit comeback win on the road versus a rival is no easy feat, especially for a QB with no significant snaps under his belt.

Trask finished the game 9-13 for 126 yards and a few impressive plays in his short time. The most impressive of all was his drive late in the game. After a hard hit that resulted in a targeting call, Trask went through his reads and hit Kyle Pitts for a big gain. That play would result in Trask running it in and taking the lead in the final minutes of the game. A stagnant offense came to life and after only putting up 10 points, Florida stormed back for the 29-21 win.

Florida had one of the best defenses in the entire country. But the offense just didn’t have the ability to compete at the level needed to be a playoff threat. Franks getting injured sucks, there’s no other way around. But this is a better team with Trask at quarterback. He has spent the last few years in a college weight program and knows Mullen’s system. He also brings the same confidence with better quarterback play. Kyle Trask gives Florida a real chance

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