Ohio State Will Dominate The Big 10 East

A Strong Start

After week 3 I’m starting to believe Ohio State is going to dominate the big 10.
Ohio State is leaving week 3 with yet another blow out. This time, Ohio State went on the road and took down Indiana 51-10.

Unlike last year, Ohio States defense is looking good, particularly their secondary. Giving up only 31 points in three games is impressive, even against FAU, Cinci, and Indiana.

Ohio States offense is also off to a hot start. Jk Dobbins is an absolute unit. This kid is going to be a top Heisman candidate if he’s not already.

Combine that with Ohio States other offensive weapons like K.J. Hill and Jaelen Gill, and Jusin Fields has to do the bare minimum to make this team successful. 


Ohio State is looking good but what about the rest of the big 10?

PSU, Michigan, & Michigan State come to mind when thinking about competition for Ohio State. PSU is off to a relatively good start at 3-0 but after only beating Pitt by a score in week 3, I’m not sold their going to be a threat. Both Michigan and Michigan State sit at 2-0 as I write this article but I’m not impressed with either of them. Michigan State doesn’t have the depth to keep up with Ohio State and they are currenlty scoreless against ASU?, Michigan’s 2-0 record is a lot uglier than it seems after they’re 24-21 win against army.

Fortunately for Ohio State, it doesn’t look like there’s much that can hold them back, for now but it’s still early – we’ll see how the season progresses.

What do you think?

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