Is Jalen Hurts The Most Important Transfer Of 2019?

The Question

The transfer portal was wide open coming into 2019 and now there’s players all over the country who are taking advantage of their second chance. Jalen Hurts was arguably the most talked about transfer coming into this season. Now that we have had some time to watch these transfers in their new programs I have to ask; Is Jalen Hurts the most important transfer of 2019?

To answer this question we have to define most important transfer. In this case the most important transfer is someone who’s going to have the biggest impact on their team. Just cause a transfer is doing better for himself or putting up amazing stats, that’s not necessarily what I’m after, I’m looking for guys that’ll take their new program to the next level.

Jalen Hurts

Ever since Hurts arrival there’s been buzz around Oklahoma. Hurts was one of the most talented and experienced players entering the transfer portal and he landed under the guidance on Lincoln Riley, one of the best offensive minds in college football.

But what impact can Hurts have on Oklahoma, they were already so good? Well, Oklahoma did not lack talent in the QB position coming into 2019 but they did lack leadership. Tanner Mordecai and Spencer Rattler both proved they had talent before they were at OU and I’m sure they will thrive in Riley’s system but they are just too young to lead a team all the way.

Hurts is arguably more talented and brings experience and leadership to an extremely talented OU team. His leadership could be an important factor that helps get OU to the championship this year. Of course, this is assuming Alex Grinch’s defense is up to the challenge.

The Competition

Justin Fields is another big name QB who transferred in 2019. Fields landed at Ohio State. This was a huge hit for Ohio State after they lost Dwayne Haskins – even though they had Tate Martell. Now that we saw that Martell couldn’t even start at Miami, its definitely a good thing Ohio State landed Fields. Fields has shown he is fitting right in Ohio State after a very successful first 2 weeks. I think he and Day can be a lethal combination, making Ohio State a serious threat in the Big 10.

Jonathan Greenard, the pass rusher from Louisville, used his last year of eligibility to play in Florida. Greenard has already notches six tackles, two for a loss, and 1.5 sacks with Florida. His presence on the field is noticeable, and he’s payed dividends for the Gators.Despite that, I’m not sure if a boost in the defense is enough to make the Gators a stand out team this year.

Last guy on my radar is South Carolina’s new RB, Tavien Feaster. Feaster came from Clemson and is an absolute unit. Feaster’s arrival is key to South Carolina because he’s helping ease freshman Ryan Hilinski into the starting QB role. Having a rush and pass RB as successful as Feaster definitely takes some pressure off the true freshman QB. This is important for South Carolina’s long game in player development. Unfortunately they’re just out matched in the SEC.

The Verdict

I tried to stay away from the stats and just look at which player can take their team to the next level.

Considering Oklahoma was on the cusp of greatness, I’m going with Hurts for most important transfer of 2019. Still, expect those other guys to make a difference on their respective teams this year.

With all of that said it’s only Week 2. I’m looking forward to reevaluating this question as we get into December, until then let us know who you think is the most important transfer in 2019.

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