Neal Brown Taking Heat After Rough Start

Neal Brown is finding tough sledding in his first season with West Virginia and some fans are voicing their displeasure.

It really is unfair to put any blame on Neal Brown after just two weeks into his first year. The roster is dealing with a ton of turnover and still trying to find themselves. The rebuilding process takes time and to paraphrase Neal Brown, it’s a climb.

There are gripes to this point that are justified. West Virginia being the worst rushing team in the country is unacceptable. West Virginia did return two running backs and the cupboard wasn’t left totally bare on the offensive line. If there is some blame to send Coach Brown’s way, the rushing attack needs a boost.

But overall, Holgorsen left this team in shambles and ran off to Houston. If anything, Brown deserves credit to take on the task instead of staying at Troy or waiting for a better situation.

Looking at his history is also a good indicator for where this is headed. He went 4-8 in his first year at Troy before going 31-8 over the next few years. This is going to take time as he cleans up the recruiting woes of the previous regime. This season should be focused on building a culture, development and growing towards the future. As much as losing ruins a season, this is a long term plan.

Most fans have been on Brown’s side and know what to expect. But you don’t have to look far to find the naysayers and doubters. Just hang in there and look at the history of Neal Brown. He has been here before and it ended up in three straight 10+win seasons.

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  1. Great take!!! The true fans know what Coach Brown is facing and realize it will take time!! But alot of the fairweathers wanna bash him already!!

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