It’s Time to move on from Austin Kendall

After an embarrassing loss to Mizzou, West Virginia fans have to be wondering, how many more games do we roll out Austin Kendall?

The team is struggling in all aspects of the game and the offensive line might be the worst part. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to do about that. Who you have on the line is already the best you have, but you can put more pressure on the defense if you change the quarterback.

If you bench Kendall in favor of Trey Lowe, it dramatically changes the game plan of your offense. Instead of Kendall dropping back 40+ times a game, you’re now running a lot of speed options and zone reads.

Kendall threw two interceptions that resulted in 14 points for Missouri. The offense is lackluster and he has no help to work off his game. What real production are the Mountaineers getting from Kendall?

Martell Pettaway and Kennedy McKoy are solid players who showed last year what they can do with talent around them. The problem has been that the offensive line is so bad the passing game can’t take any pressure off the running game. But if you have Trey Lowe in, you can run a lot more misdirection plays that don’t rely on the offensive line to dominate so much to create a whole to run through. To me, this is West Virginia’s only chance of a successful offense.

The other option for the Mountaineers is Bowling Green transfer Jarret Doege. Doege played all 12 games last year for Bowling Green and completed 62% of his passes for 2600 yards and 27 touchdowns. He wasn’t part of the fall camp battle for QB1 because his transfer waiver wasn’t accepted until just before the season started. So he never got a fair shake to compete. I do think he’s talented, but the lack of wide receivers the Mountaineers have may end up in the same spot you are now with Kendall.

And obviously Jack Allison isn’t the answer.

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