Does Oklahoma Have A Kicker Problem?

The Sooners Offense was hot against Houston week 1. Unfortunately, two of the Sooner’s drives ended on missed field goals thanks to Calum Sutherland.

Sutherland missed a 49-yarder on Oklahoma’s second drive and then a 36-yarder as time expired in the first half.

Most of the internet jumped on Sutherland and demanded he get replaced.

I’m here to say, leave the kid alone. For now that is.

I’m chalking this up as week one jitters; I can’t condemn him for a week 1 performance with such a small sample size. In week 1 you can get a good idea of how the offense is clicking and how the defense looks but it’s too small of a sample size to judge a single kicker – especially on two kicks. So no, Oklahoma does not have a kicker problem just yet.

Sutherland did beat out Gabe Brkic for the kicking duties this preseason so I’m I’m trusting Riley’s judgement on this one.

With that said, if this continues into week 3 and beyond, it may be time to let someone else give it a shot. 6 points wasn’t big deal against Houston but it could be the difference between a win and a loss down the road. Until then I’ll be pulling for Sutherland.

Boomer Sooner


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