Oklahoma Fans Should Root For Texas Week 2

I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but OU fans should root for Texas week 2 against LSU.

As much as I enjoy watching Texas lose, a week 2 win for the longhorns could be a huge help for the Sooners down the road.

LSU is coming into this game ranked no. 6 and Texas is coming in ranked no. 9. A win against LSU will surely boost Texas’ ranking. Furthermore, I see both teams maintaining a top 10 ranking throughout the season which will only increase the value of this weeks winner.

How does this help the Sooners?

Well, the Sooners schedule looks pretty lack luster to me so far, except for Texas (and maybe Oklahoma St. but we’ll discuss that another time). This makes the quality of wins this season important.

One of the most important wins Oklahoma will get this year is against Texas; that win is going to hold even more weight with the playoff committee if Texas beats LSU week 2.

A Texas win this week could give Oklahoma a better shot at the playoffs down the road – It’s as simple as that. So yeah, I’m rooting for Texas this week..

With all of that said – Horns Down and Boomer Sooner.

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