Hold Off On Franks Hate

The hate has been raining down since the ugly week zero start. Franks and the Florida offense has a whole didn’t look great. Since the game everyone, myself included, has been saying that Franks isn’t the answer. Just hold off on the bashing.

Give Some Slack

It’s easy to point out that Franks was just flat out bad for most of the game against Miami. But there a few factors now that the dust has settled.

  • Miami has a top 10 defense
  • It is his first game of the year
  • He made the plays when he needed to
  • He won

To unpack those a bit, I’ll start with the Miami defense. Miami has arguably the best linebacking core in the country. Miami has consistently had top 25 defenses under Manny Diaz and this season is likely no different.Miami as a whole isn’t a great team so it is easy to knock how talented they are on the defensive side of the ball. Florida has a sub-par offensive line that struggled against a stout Miami front seven. You can point the finger at Franks but the offense as a whole stalled and Dan Mullen made some questionable calls.

Another point is just the fact that it was week zero. The game was moved up and the first game is always rusty. Just look around the country for confirmation. Minnesota slipped by an FCS school, Nebraska struggled and even Trevor Lawrence looked kind of rough. Those mentioned played against far less talent compared to a Miami defense. It takes time to get back into game shape and Florida had to do it against a truly talented team.

He made the play when it needed to happen. With the game on the line, Franks made the deep throw that was a direct result that lead to a Florida win. Which brings me to the next point, he got the win.

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