Don’t Bail On The Razorbacks

So, week one didn’t go great. It was a tough week for the SEC overall but Arkansas was able to at least come out with a win. Chad Morris is only in year two as Arkansas is still in the rebuild process. Just don’t throw in the towel in on 2019.

A narrow win over Portland State isn’t a great look, no matter how you look at it. But you could be Tennessee or Ole Miss. The game was also not as close as the score looked. It wasn’t the blowout you want, but again, it could be worse.

Chad Morris’ offense still has a long way to go but the defense was firing on all cylinders. They held Portland State to under 200 yards and six points until the fourth quarter. As I have said with other SEC teams, it is still week one. Arkansas by no means is winning the SEC in 2019, but this isn’t a direct result for how the season will go.

Arkansas running back, Rakeem Boyd also had 114 yards on 18 carries. The final score may not have indicated that the game wasn’t nearly as close as it looked. Again, not ideal to keep it close, but this isn’t the end of the world. Arkansas is still in a rebuild and they need to keep building off a rusty week one. It is a long season, they had their bright moments and the SEC is looking down. Don’t throw the towel in on Arkansas yet.

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