Jim Harbaugh Should Have Shut His Mouth

I happen to be pro free speech and pro Jim Harbaugh but in light of recent news, Harbaugh probably should have kept his mouth shut.

I normally appreciate Harbaugh’s opinionated style. I enjoyed the shade he threw at Urban Meyer and I really enjoyed his love of milk..

However, this time I can’t say I agree with Harbaugh.

According to a pre-release review of, Overtime: Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines at the Crossroads of College Football, by New York Times best-selling author John U. Bacon, Harbaugh apparently says, “(It’s) hard to beat the cheaters”, when referring to recruiting and the SEC.

Harbaugh digs into the unfair advantages in recruiting his program faces, notably in overall spending and cost of attendance broken down by player.

He could have called the SEC out for so many other things (extra curricular activities, money laundering, giving degrees in under water basket weaving, etc) but his argument for unfair overall spending and cost of attendance doesn’t hold much weight. Primarily because Michigan is one of those cheaters.

In a report by The Stadium, of the schools that released their financial information, the top 10 programs that spent the most money in 2018 were all considered “powerhouses” or brand name schools, including Michigan.

Now do I think the SEC, Michigan, or any team that invests heavily into their program are cheaters? Absolutely not, programs should dump money into their teams, its better for the players, fans, coaches, and everyone. I just had to call out Harbaugh. If he was concerned about the amount of money different programs spend, he might not want to throw rocks from his castle of glass..

Somebody get this man some milk.

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