Why Spencer Rattler Should NEVER Start Over Jalen Hurts

Earlier this week Jalen Hurts was announced as OU’s starting quarterback.

Everyone and their mother knew that Hurts was going to be named the starter. However, a few people – like my good friend Ryan – were quick to say that Hurts would lose his spot to Spencer Rattler. I’m here to explain why that doesn’t make any sense.

Yes, Spencer Rattler is known for his skill and accuracy passing and Hurts is known for his running. Lincoln Riley’s air-raid type offense seems like a better fit for Rattler but when you take into account Lincoln Riley’s talent as a coach, Jalen Hurts potential, and Jalen Hurts experience, it is obvious Hurts should remain QB1.

Despite being a run quarterback Jalen Hurts WILL find success in Lincoln Riley’s offense. Not only is he surrounded by a top 3 recieving corps led by stand our Cee Dee Lamb, he’s being coached by Lincoln Riley. Jalen Hurts improved as a passer last season at Alabama when he had an actual QB coach. I’d imagine he’s only going to get better with Lincoln Riley in the drivers seat. If you need any evidence of that look at the past two Heisman Winners.

Not only will Riley help Hurts close the gap by becoming a solid passer but I think Riley has the ability to tweak the offense to make Hurts a dual threat. Combine that with the talent surrounding him and Hurts will be more than enough to get the job done. Basically, the team and Riley are going to make either quarterback successful so it doesn’t matter who starts from purely a talent standpoint.

No need to risk throwing in a true freshman when Jalen Hurts (with the help of the team) is more than capable of getting the job done. If they’re close enough talent wise, always go with more experience.

Which brings me to my next point.


So, I know Trevor Lawrence at Clemson kind of makes my previous statement sound ridiculous but lets be honest Trevor Lawrence is an anomaly.

If anyone is going to be an anomaly I suppose it would be Spencer Rattler – number 1 QB in his class and best Arizona High School QB ever – but I’m still not betting on an anomaly.

Think about the new kid at work. Even if he or she is brilliant, 99% of the time they experience to do their job to the best of their ability, CFB QB is no different. I’m putting my money on the guy who’s been there and done that.

Another thing you risk throwing an inexperienced true freshman in there is injury. With someone as good as Rattler why risk it? give him a year with the strength and conditioning coach to bulk up and become anti-fragile before you throw him in there full time. I definitely wouldn’t risk this especially with the talent you’ve got in Hurts.

Hurts experience is also an important part of his leadership ability. A unified team is a successful team and I know for a fact a 21 year old who’s been to the national championship is easier to follow then an 18 year old who just learned how to do his laundry.

So yeah I’d throw Rattler in when you’re killing a team but keep him QB2. I’d rather lay a foundation, let him learn from Jalen Hurts so he can come back next year and be even better than him.

So who do you agree with, me or Ryan?

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