Tate Martell Shows The Ugly Side of Transfer Portal

Miami has just announced a starter for week one and I’m going to guess that Tate Martell isn’t a fan.

“All three guys showed tremendous improvement and development, which is a credit to their hard work and the work of Dan Enos and his offensive staff,” coach Manny Diaz told UM. “We believe we can win with all three guys, however, we feel like Jarren has the greatest upside due to his passing ability, his instincts and his determination

Via Miami Herald

I have long voiced my displeasure, as have most, with the way the NCAA has handled the transfer portal. It seems big names and big time recruits can go as they please while others with real reasons have to sit.

When Martell transferred, I wasn’t a fan. It felt like he was running away from the competition and was picking a new team that he thought would be a lock to start. However, that all started because Justin Fields ran away from competition.

So the once coveted recruit turned Ohio State Buckeye turned Miami Hurricane is a backup. This is what I thought would happen if players were allowed to bounce around. Martell lost the starting job after transferring to land the starting job. He also lost it to a Freshman who will be around for a while. So does Martell leave? The NCAA would likely have no problem letting him go since they have no reasoning behind their decisions. This is the college football free agency I was worried about.

I also want to be very clear, I don’t blame Tate Martell for wanting to leave and try to start. These athletes only have a few years to showcase their talent to try and make it to the NFL. He is just taking advantage of a NCAA rule to benefit himself.

But this is also the ugly side of the transfer portal. We have all witnessed the Bru McCoy and Chris Steele situation as they have transferred twice each in an offseason. Martell left for greener pastures only to find he is yet again, on the bench. It is a long season and the Freshman may need to be pulled at some point. But this is just another case of the transfer portal not magically fixing everyone’s problems.

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