Hurts Gains Momentum As Season Nears

Despite Lincoln Riley not officially naming a starting quarterback, I think almost everyone can agree he’s the answer for Oklahoma. As the season gets closer, Hurts is not only winning over fans but his teammates too. 

After losing his starting spot in  Alabama, Hurts was out for one thing, respect. 

I came in here with the intention of trying to be the best version of myself and earning the respect of my teammates.. I think they’ve accepted me. They look at me as their leader.- Jalen hurts Oklahoma QB

It appears Hurts has gained that respect as the team prepares for the 2019 season. Hurts’ teammates have recently expressed their thoughts on the new OU QB..

They all [Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts, and Baker Mayfield] have that winning mentality. They have that edge with them. But I would say he [Hurts] brings a little bit different intensity than those two guys. I mean, they’re intense, but I think Jalen is a guy that likes to work, likes to grind, likes to work hard in everything he does. So that might be a little bit different.” –  Grant Calcaterra, Oklahoma Tight End

As for Jalen’s aspect, I feel like he’s trying to better himself, silence all critics and be the best person he can be. – Cee Dee Lamb, Oklahoma Wide Reciever

Yeah, he’s got some swagger to him. The way he walks, the way he calls plays, he’s definitely got that to him. Erik Swenson, Oklahoma Tackle

He’s a true leader. When he steps in the room, you know Jalen Hurts is in the room. … Just how he carries himself. The knowledge and experience he brings, there’s a whole bunch that he can bring to this team. – Justin Broiles, Oklahoma Defensive Back

It seems pretty clear his teammates think highly of him. Makes sense given his work ethic, I mean how could you not respect a guy that grinds like this?

So how does this play for Hurts and the Sooners in 2019? Well, It is clear from his days in Alabama Hurts has the talent, It is clear from the past two season Lincoln Riley has the guidance, and now its clear Hurts has the respect of his teammates. Hurts has the holy trinity of QB assets and it comes just in time for his final season of college football. You couldn’t write a better story. The culmination of these assets provides Hurts with huge momentum going into this season. I’m sure there will be ups and downs but if Hurts can utilize this momentum in his final 5 months of college football, he will make everyone who didn’t bet on him and OU look like fools. A successful Jalen Hurts can be a key component for a three-peat Heisman, spot in the CFB playoffs, and beginning of a dynasty for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Boomer. Sooner.

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