Apparently the College Football Community Doesn’t Watch First Take

100’s of comments arguing a preseason poll!? In the middle of July!? Who doesn’t love this!?

Well, stephen A. smith, probably. Because he didn’t make that poll. And kirk Herbstreit wasn’t on First take. Hell, Stephen a. Smith was barely on First Take. He was on for the first hour to talk about the Russel Westbrook trade, then left because he was doing PTI later.

Now I know what most are thinking:

Its First Take? That show sucks, nobody watches it.

100% correct. It does suck. And nobody watches it. But because of that, everyone is getting duped by a “parody” account right now.

That segment didn’t happen. It was totally made up by the Twitter account @cfbquotes. Why would a national Tv show talk about preseason polls in the middle of July, during the peak of NBA free agency? Thats the kind of segment ESPN would save for the week leading into the season. But every one took it, hook, line, and sinker.

This was completely fabricated by @cfbquotes because they know three things:

  1. Stephen A. Smith is a moron with terrible takes
  2. nobody is actually paying attention to his show
  3. if they make up a story that sounds like something he would say, nobody would know the difference if he said it or not, and they’ll get a bunch of twitter engagement out of it

Is this harmless? Of course. Its Stephen A. Smith, he needs to be clowned on. But @cfbquotes is an actual problem in the football community

Shea Patterson tweeting about his coach holding him back from winning the Heisman would be one hell of an awkward locker room, wouldn’t it? If it was true. His family had to answer questions about this, and I’m sure he had a long talk with Harbough about it, all because of Fake News.

Are you seeing the trend here? @cfbquotes like to make up stories that seem believable, then the story goes viral to a bunch of football fans that have never heard of them. Their bio tells you exactly what they’re doing. But nobody stops to fact check these days, so we let these guys continue to spread Fake News.

Ragging on Stephen A. Smith is good fun. But potentially getting a student athlete in trouble with his coach over a lie that you made up is past the line of “parody” and you’re now just spreading fake news. It goes on everyday in politics, and if you don’t like seeing fake news on TV about the president then you probably don’t want to see fake news about college football either. Always check the source of a story, and always read more then just the headline.

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