Miami Emerging As The Leader In Florida

It hasn’t been great for the state of Florida the last few years when it comes to football. UF has been up and down, Miami face planted after a hot start with Mark Richt and FSU, just not great.

The bright spot has been one of the most unbearable fan bases in recent memory, UCF. But luckily the tide is changing and it looks like the state of Florida is on the come up.


Play a real schedule. Winning is great but playing a schedule as difficult as North Dakota State doesn’t make you champions.

Florida State

Jimbo bounced and left the program in a state of disarray. As easy as it is to say Coach Taggart is running the program into the ground, he was put into a tough spot.

Taggart introduced a new offense and had talent in spots but for the most part was left with very little. But for as poorly as things have gone, there are brighter skies ahead.

Florida State had some talent on the roster and is bringing in good recruiting classes. The Seminoles had the 19th ranked class in 2019 and currently the 14th class in 2020 according to 247 Sports.

The problem is they play in a conference with the best team in college football and a rival who is currently sitting in a better spot. Florida State will improve, with or without Taggart, but it isn’t enough for them to return to form.


Dan Mullen just had to take a shot at Georgia and Justin Fields. Florida was sitting pretty, great recruiting classes and it was all going according to plan. Then it seemed like the good fortune ran out and the floor gave out.

Arrests, transfers and just bad news has seemed to pile up for the Gators while the Georgia Bulldogs continue to dominate the recruiting landscape. Florida also seemed to have decommitments coming weekly as they have had six recruits decommit in the last two months.

There likely isn’t a direct correlation between taking shots at Georgia and the stroke of bad luck following shortly after. But right after his Justin Fields comment, Florida had a QB charged with sexual assault and his roommate, Chris Steele, transfer to Oregon. Steele eventually ended up at USC. It is still a loss either way and leaves the Gators without three players in the 2019 class on the roster.

Thankfully Mullen is one of the better coaches in college football and a talented recruiter. This could be enough fallout to derail lesser programs. Florida is still in good shape but they have some serious distractions and setbacks to overcome in 2019.


Manny Diaz has done an excellent job since taking over for Mark Richt. Miami was looking like they were creeping their way back into National prominence after the beat down of Notre Dame in 2017.

That was short lived and 2018 was overall a disappointment for the Hurricanes. Diaz left for Temple until a surprise retirement left Miami with a vacancy at head coach.

Diaz currently has Miami with the 1st overall class in 2021 and was able to pull in the 10th class for the 2019 class despite the weird offseason.

Miami may not be back to the powerhouse that it was in the 2000’s but they have their swagger back. The coach that brought the Turnover Chain into the program now has some of the best players in the country wanted to play for him.

While Diaz still has plenty to prove as a head coach, he is a proven commodity as a defensive coordinator. Miami was consistently one of the best defenses in the country over the last few seasons under Diaz. He also isn’t having the headache of an offseason like his counterpart, Dan Mullen.

Both Miami and Florida will be talented and look to build off their 2018 season’s. Luckily we don’t have to wait long as the two kick off early this season and we can get a true answer then.

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