Neal Brown Has His Players Quicker Than Expected

The transfer portal giveth and the transfer portal taketh away. It seemed as if the sky was falling over the last few weeks. Marcus Simms was out the door, three safeties left in a 36 hour period and other players were putting their name in.

While the sky isn’t falling, it could be concern to a fan to see this mass exodus of players. But this is the new way of college football. A new coach will run off some players from the old regime.

Neal Brown has to install his systems and and his culture. Whether it is a scheme fit or a different outlook for the team, some players just won’t agree and now it is easy to leave. But for all the talent leaving, there is plenty coming in.

Reuben Jones is a defensive lineman transferring in from Michigan, FSU five star receiver, George Campbell is transferring in, Safety Alonso Addae is transferring in and Bowling Green QB, Jarret Doege will be joining the team.

It is easy to gravitate to the negative headlines, but Neal Brown has done an impressive job landing some talent. This will also be year one for Brown so expectations should be low. On the flip side of it, while Brown is losing some contributors from last season, he isn’t having to wait a for a recruiting cycle to land players.

Austin Kendall is the likely starter after transferring in from Oklahoma. George Campbell, when healthy, could be a major contributor right away and replace Marcus Simms.

Now landing another team’s castoffs isn’t always an ideal situation, but again, this is year one. Reuben Jones or George Campbell are not in the long term picture for the Mountaineers. But getting some talented players with experience on the field in year one can help bridge the gap.

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