The Transfer Portal Playing a Vital Role For USC

USC seemed to be in a tailspin after the 2018 season ended. Kliff Kingsbury left for the NFL before he could close on an apartment. Then Bru McCoy was headed to Texas and Clay Helton was still running the program.

If that wasn’t bad enough, current USC players were tossing their name into the transfer portal trying to get out. It was an offseason from hell for the Trojans. But their luck may finally be changing with recent news over the last week.

Bru McCoy has been a strange topic and has shown what college football cold be like with the new transfer portal. The former five star has transferred twice and he hasn’t played a game yet.

USC is now the current winner of the entire situation. He has entered the transfer portal and is fully expected to sign with his hometown USC Trojans. That would be a huge get for any program as McCoy was one of the highest recruited players in the 2019 class.

Now it has been reported that transfer CB, Chris Steele may also be headed to USC. Steele had left Florida after he was denied a room change because of his roommate. That roommate was Florida QB, Jalen Jones. Jones was accused of sexual assault by two women.

So Steele transferred to Oregon and everyone thought that was the end of it. But now Steele is having a change of heart too and is predicted to end up at USC also.

Both players were originally committed to USC, didn’t end up at USC and then transferred into USC all before the season started. While this may raise questions about the transfer portal, USC comes out the winner in all of this.

If those two weren’t great news on their own, Velus Jones Jr decided to pull his name from the transfer portal and stay at USC. The Junior is expected to have a solid role as both a receiver and returner in 2019.

There has been plenty of speculation about the transfer portal and most of the time it is a player leaving. But USC has been on the receiving end with top talent more than once this offseason. This also helps save the 2019 class. While it isn’t some much needed offensive linemen, adding a four and five star would definitely boost USC into a a top 15 class for 2019.

The transfer portal isn’t loved by everyone. But USC could be in the middle of saving a terrible offseason with the same thing that got them here.

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