West Virgina’s Intentions are always Win Championships

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Recently Brandon Lowe called in for an interview with Pete Mundo of Heartland College sports and they brought up a lot of interesting points.

One that caught my attention the most was their reflection on the baseball team hosting a regional, and all the success they’ve had this season. They discuss how the move from the Big East to the Big 12 has been tough and the dip in conference championships across all sports.

But particularity in football, Lowe and Mundo make a great point: It was a flight or fight decision.

If west Virginia had stayed in the Big East, now The American, the program would never compete for a championship (although apparently if you’re in the AAC you can just claim you’re a national champion).

So has the move to the Big 12 been hard? Of course! But in today’s 4 team playoff you’re not going to get in with out being a member of a power five conference. So imagine if they had stayed in the American and Will Grier led them to an undefeated season, just to get treated like UCF the year before.

Mountaineer fans don’t want that. Nobody does. It was either stay in the weak conference and dominate but never get a shot at the next level. Or take your lumps and bruises as you climb to the top of the Big 12. And evidence by the fun everybody is having with the baseball team, its worth the wait for a team to have this much success.

So maybe the club is really expensive, and you had to wait a while to get in. But at least once you’re in it’s the most fun you’ll ever have.

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