Alabama’s Schedule Should Make Every Bulldogs Fan Angry

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There is no debate that the SEC is the toughest conference in all of college football and each conference game is going to be a battle, but that’s not an excuse for incompetent scheduling.

And before any Bama fans get all wound up- I know, this schedule was constructed years ago. That makes it even worse!

At what point in history does putting a freaking basketball school on your schedule make sense?

Last years Duke team was the best they’ve fielded in a long time and they still only went 8-5! Duke is 67-72 under David Cutcliff- A JOKE!

Now if you look at Georgia, that’s a team that knows it has a tough SEC conference schedule. So they fit in some easy non-conference games, WITH a challenging opponent in Notre Dame. Yes there have been seasons over the past decade where Notre wasn’t that good, but historically if you play Notre Dame, you’re facing a ranked team.

So what happens if Bama loses to LSU? 11-1 with no major wins? But they could still make the SEC championship game and then the playoffs (assuming LSU loses two conference games)? Meanwhile Georgia could beat Notre Dame and lose to Florida and wind up in the opposite situation as Bama. 11-1, missing the SEC championship, there for the college playoffs (assuming Florida or another SEC west school loses one or less conference game).

It’s a very small probability of this happening, there for its not worth getting upset about. But it does make you wonder, is Nick Saban a coward?

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